How can I pay for my riide?

Our drivers accept cash, debit and credit or pay on your corporate account. Split-fare available as well: pay for your own share of the fare in the method of your choice! Receive your journey and booking receipts by email.

Is riide safe?

Riide prides itself on the security and safety of it's passengers and drivers.

  1. Each vehicle is equipped with an in-car camera
  2. Drivers undergo extensive background checks
  3. Our app will send you a photo of the driver and car so you know who to expect

Are you hiring drivers?

Yes! Please see our Driver Sign-Up page for more information!

What parts of Saskatchewan do you service?

Saskatoon and Regina available now but we are expanding across the province. Coming soon to a community near you!

How is riide different from Uber or other ridesharing companies?

Riide follows National and Provincial laws and regulations that govern "vehicles for hire". This translates into safer ride for you and a fair fare for the driver. Riide does not use "surge pricing" (peak time rates) which means we charge the same fare on a Wednesday afternoon as we do after midnight on New Year's Eve. Riide offers accessible transportation to people from all walks of life. Riide utilizes a LOCAL call centre.